How soon will I see results?   

That’s the best part about our service. Once you sign up, give us just 48-72 hours to review all your account information and get you started. The moment we get started, you will start seeing results FAST (sometimes within 24 hours). More followers. More exposure. Real impact.   

Is your service safe?   

Absolutely. The last thing we’d want for you is to risk your account. All of the methods that we use to grow your account are 100% safe. Actually, the methods we’re using are basically the same actions you’d take if you were to grow your account manually, however we have the capability to do it on a 24/7 basis. And without your involvement whatsoever.   

Are my new followers real?   

ONE-HUNDRED-PER-CENT! This is one of the major differentiators between our service and 99% of our competitors. While many others focus on growing your account using fake followers and silly robotic systems, we work our butts off to make sure that you’re not just growing your account, but that we target extremely relevant people for you. As your account grows, feel free to check your new followers. You will notice that they’re active & engaging Instagram users.   

Do you have proven results?   

Too many to count ;) Ok. Not quite. But yes, we have proven results. We’ve been managing Instagram accounts for several years now, and have over 50 accounts just in our own name. In addition to that, head back over to our home page and scroll down to see some proven results from our very own clients. One of the favorite accounts we’ve started is actually our dog account @cookieandmuffinduo. Go check ‘em out!

Do I have account access?   

You sure do! While we’re growing your account, we are sharing access to your account with you. You will provide us with your username and password so we can log in and perform the actions on your account that are necessary for growth. All we ask from you is to post new content to your account as often as you can (of course, without overdoing it).   

What is the Refund Policy?   

If you become a month-to-month client of ours, we give refunds at goodwill. For example, if you’ve been working with us for 2 weeks and you’ve seen little to no results, we’ll refund you 100%. If you’ve been working with us for 2 weeks and you’ve increased your following by 500 people, we would honor a pro-rated refund in most cases, for the time we’ve been servicing you.   

Can you guarantee specific results?   

We work very hard to make progress towards your goals. Each person and account has a different purpose and therefore it is difficult for us to make references to results. In other words, some people want us to guarantee an increase in sales on their online shop. While other people want us to guarantee 750 new followers this month. We cannot guarantee either one, simply because it is difficult to predict human behavior.   

How do I know my account is safe?   

Great question. We take extreme measures to make sure that everything related to your Instagram account is 100% safe. All of the information including usernames, passwords, and payment information is kept secure through multiple layers of technology. If you have any reason to believe that your account is not safe, please contact us immediately. We take inquiries EXTREMELY seriously and will do everything possible to ensure your account safety above all.   

Does my engagement increase as well?   

There is a simple answer to this and a complicated answer to this. Generally speaking, yes, your engagement WILL increase. That is, you will get more post views, likes, comments, etc. from the new followers that we’re going to get for you. Will your engagement increase at the same rate that we grow your account? Well..not necessarily. Again, we cannot predict exact human behavior. We may grow your account each month by 2,000 followers. It definitely DOES NOT mean you will start to get 2,000 more likes on your posts. But you SHOULD absolutely start to see an increase. If your account is attractive and you continue to update it with engaging content, then you should see an even greater increase over time.